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All natural ingredients, always organic, and formulated to maximize your plant’s potential.

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Boost the bloom cycle and maximize your harvest
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Complete organic fertilizer solutions for Hydroponic and Soil
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Natural insecticides that will protect your plants physically and nutritionally
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Supplements for all your plant needs

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Our Hands In The Soil

We have proven in the field expertise.

41 years of research and thousands of worldwide field trials ensure that Dominion Organics products are the most effective agricultural nutrition and support products available. Founder, Blair McHenry spent many years as an agricultural researcher and professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia, Canada, working with many top scientists and growers to pioneer the certified organic vegetable production industry in North America.

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In 2009 Blair founded the Dominion Plant Laboratory with their certified organic greenhouse to produce better organic fertilizers, soil amendments and beneficial soil inoculants.

The Dominion Organics Guarantee

Our clients consistently experience dramatic increases in both productivity and quality. We invite direct comparison of Dominion Organics fertilizers and supplements to whatever you are using today. Significant improvement in productivity and quality is guaranteed or we’ll refund your purchase.*

Real Results

“We’ve won five Cannabis Cups. First prize out of more than 500 entrants. Best Producer in Oregon award. Total cannabinoids over 40% in our lab testing!”

— Jordan, Meraki Farms

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