An all-organic supplement to improve the health of plants, soil, ponds & aquariums.


Significant improvement guaranteed or your money back.*

Benefox is a truly unique microbiological product to enhance plant growth. Benefox has been developed and optimized through a 16-year process of microbiology research, organism selection, the development of proprietary cultural technology and field-testing in a wide range of crops.

Benefox provides dramatic improvements. It is a certified organic product and can be used to enhance the productivity and quality of any organically certified biological plant.

Benefox performs extremely well in aqueous, high salt environments (e.g. hydroponic systems). It helps establish a healthier biodynamic environment for aquariums/pond fish and plants. Benefox optimizes the nitrogen cycle in ponds and aquariums and works as a general pro-biotic for fish.

Benefox is great for:

  • Hydroponic growers of vegetables and produce
  • Cannabis growers in both soil and hydroponic environments
  • Improving the health of both plants and fish in aquariums and ponds
  • Dramatic growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Increases crop yields
  • Enhances the nitrogen cycle in ponds & aquariums
  • Improves growth when used in conjunction with an appropriate fertilizer program

Quick Notes On Use With Blair

Key Takeaways:
  • Anybody who has a hydroponic system needs to get more biologics into the system. Benefox is great for this.
  • It will help unlock unavailable mineral compounds and nutrients in the soil to make them more available to plants.
  • It will help strengthen plant root systems.
  • The microbiology in Benefox is so vigorous that when I was working with hydroponic green houses and they had a concentrate A and a concentrate B tank…the computer pulls from both tanks and the EC could be as high as 120 and yet with Benefox the biologics thrived despite the environment.
Benefox has undergone extensive trials to meet the needs and concerns of both hobbyists and commercial growers.

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