Brontosaurus Budd

Helps your plants during the flowering phase become thicker, bushier and produce more flowers and flower sites.

Brontosaurus Budd

Significant improvement guaranteed or your money back.*

This product is meant to be used as a soil drench or in hydroponic solutions which are applied to the root systems.

Brontosaurus Budd is a proprietary formula that mimics the flower-inducing characteristics of the biochemical complexes used by commercial growers WITHOUT the phototoxicity.

  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • Increased the thickness of stems and leaves
  • Improved overall health

Quick Notes On Use With Blair

Key Takeaways:
  • Brontosaurus Budd provides a complete set of bio-available nutrients that will assist the plant to maximize flower growth and development.
  • Brontosaurus Budd is a fertilizer nutrient that you should use throughout the flowering cycle.
  • It works synergistically with Budd-Wizer for maximum results.
Brontosaurus Budd has undergone extensive trials to meet the needs and concerns of both hobbyists and commercial growers.

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