Hydroplane B

Part 2 of a complete, organic-based, two-part fertilizer program for all stages of plant growth.

Hydroplane B

Significant improvement guaranteed or your money back.*

Hydroplane A and B can be used in Hydroponic systems, standard nursery soil mixes, coco coir, rockwool and garden soils.

During flowering more emphasis on Hydroplane B can be applied to enhance the flowering cycle.

  • Cost-efficient high quality organic fertilizer
  • Extremely concentrated formula. Even when used at full strength, our our successful growers are typically using only 15 ml (1 tsp.) of A and 15 ml (1 tsp.) B per gallon of water during the grow cycle.

Quick Notes On Use With Blair

Key Takeaways:
  • All the micronutrients are in Hydroplane B. Using a two part fertilizer allows growers maximum control of the ratios of nutrients for each stage of crop growth.
  • This is an ideal product for automated irrigation systems as it dissolves completely and won’t clog drippers. (Note: all automated irrigation systems should follow a regular regimen of line cleaning.)
  • Hydroplane B must be used simultaneously in complement with Hydroplane A to achieve a complete formulation. The reason the two Hydroplane products need to be kept separate before they are mixed is that each contains mineral compounds that will precipitate into solids if stored together. After they are diluted out in liquid they will stay in soluble form.
Hydroplane B has undergone extensive trials to meet the needs and concerns of both hobbyists and commercial growers.

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